West Hallam Village Show Schedule 2018

Fruit & Vegetables

  • Class 1: 3 carrots, parsnips or beetroot, of one variety, tops trimmed to about 6”
  • Class 2: 4 potatoes, of one variety, washed
  • Class 3: 5 tomatoes, of one variety, with calyx
  • Class 4: any other vegetable, not in schedule, of one variety
  • Class 5: 3 apples, of one variety
  • Class 6: any other fruit, not in schedule, of one variety

NB: fruit & vegetables must be displayed on small paper plates (not provided) Best in Show (Fruit & Veg): £5 prize sponsored by Paul & Mary Butler


  • Class 7: 3 blooms of one variety, displayed in a vase (vase not provided)


  • Class 8: Victoria sandwich, 8” tin, 3 eggs, raspberry jam filling, caster sugar topping
  • Class 9: Honey cake, made to the set recipe with the entry form
  • Class 10: 4 scones of any one type
  • Class 11: an apple pie made using homemade shortcrust pastry
  • Class 12: Junior bakery – 11 to 14 years – 4 biscuits - any recipe

NB: all baked goods must be displayed on a crockery plate (not provided). Best in Show (Bakery): £5 prize sponsored by West Hallam & District WI


  • Class 13: a 1lb jar of jam (any variety); must have cellophane top
  • Class 14: a 1lb jar of marmalade; must have cellophane top
  • Class 15: a 1lb jar of chutney; should have metal cap; label must indicate mild/medium/hot
  • Class 16: a 1lb jar of any pickle; with a good seal, suitable neck and vinegar proof metal lid

NB: preserves must be in glass jars and must be labelled, including date when made


  • Class 17: a hand-knitted garment, for an adult or child
  • Class 18: an item of hand-worked embroidery (including cross-stitch, tapestry, crewel-work)
  • Class 19: a hand-made item using any other craft (excluding knitting and embroidery but including items of hand-stitched patchwork, quilting or applique)

Best in Show (Crafts): £5 prize sponsored by West Hallam Craft Group


  • Class 20: a colour photograph; theme “Leisure in the 21st century”.
Open to all ages

NB: only natural photographs will be judged – no Photo-Shop enhancements
NB: photos not to exceed 6” x 8” and to be mounted on card suitable for pinning to a display board; the mount will not be judged


  • Class 21: a painting, any medium, subject: ‘The Derbyshire Countryside’;
maximum size (framed/unframed) 2’ x 2’

NB: exhibitors may bring table-top easels to display paintings

Open class

  • Class 22: the largest sunflower head (diameter of the head will be measured)


  • Class 23: (10 years and under) a decorated stone; (no larger than 5”x3”/13cm x8cm approx.)
  • Class 24: (10 years and under): a postcard size painting; theme ‘Summer’; (size 6” x “4/15cm x 10cm)

Memorial Class

  • Class 25: any handmade or hand crafted item. Class in memory of Sue Ainsworth: the driving force behind the Village Show who sadly died in November 2017